Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), p. 272

FOLK said yt the minister had hean some difference wit the Fairies or the Broonies or something, an yt wus yin o’ them yt stappit the beef intae his moth an chokit him oot o’ revenge.

There wus some kin’ o‘ Fairy Knowe yt he cairtit awa an disturbit their hooses, an it wus said he refuse’t tae let it alane, though the fleech’t wi him ever sae. It wus thocht they wur takin awa his corrp for a breakfast tae the deil, whun they gat naething but hey in the kist.



Partial Glossar

Definitions frae DSL (links are tae the relevant entries).

  • Broonie ‘A benevolent household sprite, usually shaggy and of peculiar shape, who haunted houses, particularly farm-houses, and, if the servants treated him well, performed many tasks of drudgery for them while they were asleep; a goblin or evil spirit.’ [BROONIE]
  • Stap ‘To push, thrust, cram, press, shove or poke.’ [STAP]
  • Fleech ‘To coax, wheedle, flatter; to beseech, entreat, importune.’ [FLEECH]
  • Kist ‘A coffin.’ [KIST]