Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), pp. 302-303

MR G—N wus a son o‘ the minister o’ the K—s, an his brither W—m, the Poet, wus minister there too. W—m dee’t o’ a fivver sune efter he wus mairry’t, an the minister yt succeedit him wus in an awfu hurry tae get the widda oot tae get in hissel, an somebuddy else try’t tae prevent her gettin aff the Widda’s Fund, an in different weys she wus badly use’t; but Dawvid took her pairt an protectit her, an put a hoose ower her heid.

A while efter, she gaed ower tae Dumfries tae look efter bein a governess, an some rich aul’ gentleman saw her in the street, an took a notion o’ her, an mairry’t her; an the first thing she did wus tae get her new man tae settle an annuity on Dawvid for bein her freen whun she had nae ither tae look tae.

They said yt Dawvid wus yince presentit tae a kirk, but some kin’ freen yt had a son yt wantit it gied him some gude advice — an something else — an the upshot o’t wus yt the placin o’ him never cam aff; but puir G—e took a brain fivver ower’t, an never wus joost he’s-sel efter’t, an the Lord coax’t the Patron tae gie the kirk tae somebuddy else, an the Patron did it, an he became a duly appointit Servant o’ the Lord wi a gude stipen, an puir G—e had tae preach at the dykesides tae the lower orders for ha’pennies, for wha wus gaun ‘a’ len’ a kirk tae a man rejectit o’ the Lord? an wha but the ignorant vulgar wus gaun ‘a’ listen tae sic a sinner as the like o’ him budst tae be.



Partial Glossar

Definitions frae DSL (links are tae the relevant entries).

  • Freen ‘A friend; a relative, a blood-relation, a kinsman.’ [FRIEND]
  • Fivver ‘A fever.’ [FIVVER]
  • Sic ‘Such’ [SIC]
  • Budst ‘Must, ought (used of moral or logical necessity).’ [BOOST]