Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), p. 237

DAVIE try’t a’ ower tae get anither farm, but he couldna. There wusna a decent bit yt he didna try for, but it wus nae use.

The laird or the factor had ey a history o’ him sent on afore, an whun he gaed tae look efter a farm, the first question they ax’t him wus ey, “Ir ye the M’Lellan set lunt tae the cothooses?” an than they tell’t him it wus nae use tae offer, for he wudna get yin whatever he wud gie for’t; an sae he had tae tak hissel aff tae Canada, an get a farm o’ his ain for naething.



Partial Glossar

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  • Lunt ‘A match, a piece of inflammable material used to ignite an explosive or kindle a fire, for one’s pipe, etc., a light. Also in n.Eng. dial. Phr. to set (alunt to, to set fire to.’ [LUNT]