Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), pp. 5-6

THERE’S nae bit they ca’ The Ferry noo in Gallawa’. It’s deid an’ bury’t lang syne. Ye see it took The Gentility, an’ it sune kill’t it. They said Captain Denniston infectit it. He wus a Captain in the Militia, an’ a great man, an gat the name o’t cheinge’t inta “Creetown.”

It wus the ferry across the San’s tae Wigton, an’ that’s hoo it gat it’s name; an’ whun the Wigton folk cheinge’t the name o’ their place intae Wigtown, the Ferry folk determine’t tae be upsides wi’ them, an’ hae an English name too; an’ sae the ca’t it “Creetown.” It wud neve ‘a’ dune tae ‘a’ ca’t it “Creeton,” for that wud ‘a’ lookit like Scotch, ye ken.

It’s a pity they didna mak it the finest o’ fine English when they wur at it, an’ spell’t “Cweetawn,” for that wud ‘a’ gien them the true English twang tae begin wi’.



Partial Glossar

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  • Upsides ‘alongside, on a level, freq. in Sc. in phr. to be upside(s) wi, to be even or quits with, to be revenged on.’ [UPSIDES]