Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), pp. 298-299

COLONEL G—N wus that roy’t ye micht ‘a’ lichtit yer pipe at his heid; but he joost had tae hing his carpets oot tae dry, tae get the glaur oot o’ them; an as for the chairs, there wus some o’ them that wey improve’t it wus hard tae say whut they micht be gude for; an his gran yett micht ‘a’ helpit tae stap up a slap wi.

He wraet a savage letter tae Barlocco, compleenin o’ the lawless conduct o’ his men, an hoo they ruin’t his carpets, an his chairs, an smash’t his yett, an set up impudence an insultit him He threaten’t M’Cairtna an his men wi the law, an detail’t a’ the different crimes they had committit.

M’Cairtna wraet back, an said he wus verra gled tae hear yt his men had file’t the carpets an smash’t the yett, for neither the yin nor the itehr had ony business there. He advise’t him tae keep a calm sugh aboot it, for if he likit tae be nesty wi’ him, he wud drive through his flooer gairden, an ride through his parlour wundus, for naither had ony richt tae be whaur they wur, an as for his dykes an wa’s, the suner he made slaps in them the less trouble the neebors wud hae dingin them ower.

As G—N ken’t yt Barlocco wus richt, he put his dignity in his pooch, an contentit hissel wi pittin up the gran notice. As it wus on his ain grun, naebuddy durst gang an tak it doon. Hooever, naebuddy ever mindit it.

Whun Captain Hannay or Rainsford, or whutever his name wus, gat it, he renew’t the notice, an sae did Johnston yt cam efter him; an noo M’Kie or Mackie haes the estate, an the notice is there the same as ever, only noo as than, naebuddy heeds’t.



Partial Glossar

Definitions frae DSL (links are tae the relevant entries).

  • Mens ‘Amends, penance, atonement, reparation, restitution, compensation, satisfaction.’ [MENDS]
  • Roy’t ‘Angry, enraged.’ [ROYET]
  • Glaur ‘Soft, sticky mud; ooze, slime.’ [GLAUR]
  • Yett ‘A gate.’ [YETT]
  • Stap ‘To block up, close (an opening), obstruct, plug.’ [STAP]
  • Slap ‘A gap or opening in a wall, fence, hedge or the like, whether intentionally or accidentally caused, a breach.’ [SLAP]
  • File ‘To make dirty, to soil, stain, defile, befoul.’ [FYLE]
  • Keep a calm sugh ‘To keep quiet, hold one’s tongue, keep mum, “pipe down”.’ [SOUCH]
  • Ding ‘To knock, beat or strike: to drive; to push suddenly and forcibly; to displace or overturn by shoving.’ [DING]