Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), pp. 284-285

THE Gordons o’ Lochinvar never leev’t at Lochinvar ava; an it wusna till aboot the time o’ Flodden yt they cam tae leeve in Gallawa.

Their gran castle on an islan in the middle o’ Lochinvar, yt there’s sae mony gran traditions aboot, ‘s joost a bit boorick o’ drystone dykes, yt never wus mair nor a dizzen fit heich.

It wus the danger retreat o’ the aul’ Pictish Clan M’Turk, yt wus the owners o’t afore the Maxwells bocht it fae them, an sell’t it tae the Gordons. The ilan’s yin o’ thae crannoges, only it’s biggit wi stanes, instead o’ trees an brackens, the wey they’re biggit in the laich country.

Speakin aboot the boar-killin, it’s curious yt M’Turk means “the son o’ the wil’-boar,” sae maybe the tradition’s allegorical.

There’s plenty o’ M’Turks thereawa yet, but there’s nae M’Rorys or M’Rodericks.

There use’t tae be an aul’ carve’t oak airm-chairn at Balangier, yt had yince belang’t tae the M’Rories, an it had W. M. R. an the date – A think 1686 – on the back o’t. Verra likely it’s there yet. The folk cas’t Lag’s chair, an says yt he use’t tae sit in’t tae write his despatches in the time o’ the Persecution. Ballingear use’t tae belang tae the Griersons.

We hae an aul’ single-edge’t Ferrara yt belang’t tae Lag, an pairt o’ the bed he use’t tae sleep in at The Garrorch. A haena notice’t ony smell o’ brunstane aboot them; still A’m thinkin they’r no chancy tae hae in ye hoose. The sword’s gey rusty, for the doctor wudna let it be clean’t.



Partial Glossar

Definitions frae DSL (links are tae the relevant entries)

  • Ava ‘At all.’ [AVA]
  • Boorock ‘A humble dwelling, a hovel; a heap.’ [BOORACH]
  • Big ‘To build, construct (in gen.).’ [BIG(G)]
  • Laich ‘Low’ [LAICH]
  • Thereawa ‘Of place: away to or in that district, over there, in that general direction.’ [THERE]
  • Chancy ‘Lucky, bringing good fortune; having good fortune, auspicious.’ [CHANCY]
  • Gey ‘Very; rather, pretty.’ [GEY]