Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), pp. 285-286

WE use’t tae hae a hantle o’ kin’ o’ Gallawa curiosities, but some o’ them got lost, an some o’ them us stown whun we wur flittin.

Amang ither things, there wus a pairt o’ the scarlet coat yt Lord Kenmur wore whun he ran awa at Killiecrankie, an the sword he had there; an there wus the sword yt Ferguson o’ Craigdarroch had there whun he wus kill’t. His servant brocht it hame. Baith swords wus single-edge’t Ferraras.

Whun aul’ Ferguson wus rinnin awa, his horse fell an brak its leg, an Craigdarroch got up and scraich’t oot, in imitation o’ King Richard – “A horse! a horse! in Gude’s name, a horse! the half o’ Craigdarroch for a horse!”

But he gat nane, for a muckle royalist cam up ahint him, an said – “In the deil’s name, A’ll horse ye,” an afore ever he ken’t ocht aboot it he haggit his heid aff.

We had the heid o’ Kenmur’s celebratit Brandy-Drum too, yt ey mairch’t in front o’ his men tae inspire them wi courage. It wus a brandy barrel yt ey gaed afore them, tae tet a dram oot o’ whun they focht weel.

We had it made inta servet.



Partial Glossar

Definitions frae DSL (links are tae the relevant entries).

  • Hantle ‘A considerable quantity (of things), a large number (of persons), a great deal.’ [HANTLE]
  • Stown ‘Stolen.’ [STEAL]
  • Flit ‘To remove, transport from one place to another, to shift.’ [FLIT]
  • Scraich ‘To shriek, scream, shout.’ [SKRAICH]
  • Ahint ‘Behind.’ [AHINT]
  • Ocht ‘Anything.’ [OCHT]
  • Hag ‘To chop (wood); to hack clumsily.’ [HAG]
  • Servet ‘Glossed as a small tray, but this is doubtful. No doubt there has been confusion with server.’ [SERVIT]