Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), pp. 222-224


THEY was sayin, that if Aw hadn’t went oot, Aw wudnae see’d whoe gien him the whuskey, an Aw wudnae hae knew he wus drunk.

“They thocht they waz better as me, but Aw seen whoe was best put-on.

“If Aw had spoke tae the ane whoe given him’t, he wad hear’d who din’t, but if he did it when Aw was there, Aw wad told him that we was better as him.”

Translatit inta Scotch, that wud be in


THEY wur sayin, yt if A hadna gane oot, A wudna ‘a’ seen wha gied him the whuskey, an A wudna ‘a’ kent he wus drunk.

“They thocht they wur better nor me, but A saw wha wus best put-on.

“If A had spokken tae the yin yt gied him’t, he wud ‘a’ heard wha did it, bit if he had dune’t whun A wus there, A wud ‘a’ tell’t him yt we wur better nor him.”

Or accordin tae


THEY were saying, that if I hadn’t gone out, I wouldn’t have seen who gave him the whisky, and I wouldn’t have known he was drunk.

“They thought they were better than I, but I saw which was the most elegantly dressed.

“If I had spoken to the person from whom he had it, he would have heard who did it, bit if he had done it whilst I was there, I would have told him that we were better than he.”