Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), p. 164

YE see the Gallawa folk didna belang tae the breed o’ Noah, an had naething ‘a’ do wi him or his Flood; they had a flood an a’ o’ their ain complete. They belang’t tae the folk yt wus made afore Adam (ye’ll fin’ them mention’t in the 29th verse o’ the first chapter o’ Genesis), yt the Almichty said wus “verra gude.” He said naething o’ the kin’ aboot Adam an his wife, an no athoot raison aither, if the Bible’s tae be believe’t; an wha wud doot it? Sae it’s nae wunner they gaed wrang.

He bliss’t the first folk He made, but He didna fash tae bliss Adam an his wife; He ken’t better.

A needna tell ye the history o’ Muldroch an the Meal-Girnal, an hoo him an his family escapit the Flood in the girnal wi the Mug Sheep, or hoo the Gallawa horse and kye wus save’t on the floatin islan, for ye ken a’ aboot it as weel as mysel, an the eilan’s tae be seen yet, they tell me.



Partial Glossar

Definitions frae DSL (links are tae the relevant entries).

  • Athoot ‘Without. [ATHOOT]
  • Fash ‘To trouble, bother oneself, to take pains.’ [FASH]
  • Girnal ‘A large chest or barrel for holding meal.’ [GIRNEL]
  • Mug ‘A breed of sheep, with long bodies and legs and characterised by a profusion of white wool, even covering the face, which was imported from England to improve the quality of wool in the Scottish breeds. They were probably an early type of Border Leicester.’ [MUG]
  • Kye ‘Cows, cattle.’ [KYE]