Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), pp. 209-210

ANITHER thing gar’t folk — ootside folk, A mean — think the Gallawa folk wus Eerish, an that wus their names.

A gey wheen o’ them haes “Mac” afore them, an several haes “A.”

Noo, the Scotch, the Hielanders, the Gallawas, the Manx, an the Eerish a’ haes different weys o’ pronouncin this word “Mac.”

The Scotch ca’s ‘t “Mak,” the Hielanders ca’s ‘t “Vich,” the Gallawas an the Manx ca’s ‘t “Ma,” an the Eerish ca’s ‘t “Me.”

There’s a peculiarity yt a gey wheen o’ the Gallawa names in “Mac” haes, an that’s the wey the “c, hard,” ‘s transfer’t fae the “Mac” tae the name itsel, till ye wud think a’ the Gallawa names begood wi “c, hard.”

Here’s some o’ them.

Familiarly folk draps the “Mac” a’thegither, an the sons adopts it that wey, for fear folk wud think they wur Eerish, or Scotch, maybe.



Partial Glossar

Definitions frae DSL (links are tae the relevant entries).

  • Gar ‘To make, cause; to force, compel, esp. to make (a person) do (something).’ [GAR]
  • Gey ‘Of quantity or amount: considerable, good, great, good-sized.’ [GEY]
  • Wheen ‘A few, a small number, several.’ [WHEEN]
  • Begood ‘past tense of begin’ [BEGOOD]