Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), pp. 267-268

NOO, that pits me in min o’ the minister o’ Ellerholm, hoo he wus bury’t.

He wus a muckle sonsy-lookin man, an his wife wus a skinny whutterick-face’t ribe, yt wud naither gie meat tae ither folk nor tak it tae hersel.

The minister wus yin o’ the Gled Currie kin, yt wusna easy satisfy’t wi eatin; an as he never gat aneuch at hame, he gat tae be verra attentive tae his flock, an they wur ey please’t tae get the minister tae sit doon wi them, an whun he got the chance o’ a gude fed, he didna negleck his opportunity.

Weel, there wus yin o’ the rich farmers o’ his flock wus haein a dochter marry’t, an tae try an be like the English an be genteel, he had a gran waddin brekfast, an the Rev. Dr. Corbie wus there, of coorse.

In the middle o’ the brekfast there wus a message tae say yt au’ Jean M’Dill at Dumbeg had taen a stroke, an they wur joost waitin on her, an he wus tae gang at yince an pray ower her, an he wus tae heest him, or she wud be deid or he wun.

The minister had a great daud o’ beef on his plate, aboot half a pun, an it wus ower muckle tae leave, an he couldna thole tae come awa without it; sae he cram’t it intae his mooth an try’t tae swalla’t, but it wus ower big tae swalla, an it stack in his hass an chokit him; an though they nearly brok his back chappin on’t, an try’t tae pu’t oot wi their fingers an the tings, an try’t tae stap it doon wi sticks, an did everything, it wus a’ o’ nae use; he joost dee’t amang their hans, an puir Jean M’Dill had joost tae warsle her wey tae heaven athoot him; though of coorse, bein a minister, he wudna be lang ahint her, an maybe wud be able tae console her by the road, efter a’.

Hooever, they sent the corp hame, an the wife made an awfu bubblin ower him, an gaed on fearfu, an took hysterics, an a’ kins o’ things, ower the heid o’t, an made an awsome maen.

Maybe she had some remorse o’ conscience for the wey she hunger’t him, but it’s no easy tellin.



Partial Glossar

Definitions frae DSL (links are tae the relevant entries).

  • Sonsy ‘Plump, chubby.’ [SONSIE]
  • Whutterick ‘An animal of the genus Mustela, applied most freq. to the weasel.’ [WHITRAT]
  • Ribe ‘A long-legged, thin person; an emaciated animal.’ [RIBE]
  • Aneuch ‘Enough.’ [ANEUCH]
  • Heest ‘To make haste, hasten, hurry.’ [HEEST]
  • Or ‘Before.’ [OR]
  • Wun ‘To reach (a place), gain, arrive at.’ [WIN]
  • Hass ‘The throat, the gullet.’ [HAUSE]
  • Chap ‘To knock or strike.’ [CHAP]
  • Tings ‘Tongs.’ [TANGS]
  • Stap ‘To push, thrust, cram, press, shove or poke.’ [STAP]
  • Warsle ‘To get by striving, or struggling, to attain to or achieve (some end) by great exertion or effort.’ [WARSLE]
  • Ahint ‘Behind.’ [AHINT]