Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), pp. 238-239

THERE wus a farmer they ca’t Proudfit had The Holm o’ Balmaclellan, an he gaed tae America an couldna be fun again.

He brok up the Holm o’ Dalarran whaur the great battle wus in 420, atween Echabuie the king o’ the Scots an the king o’ the Cruithné frae Airlan. There wus great lots o’ brokken swords an spear-heids an ither weapons fun, but they wur greatly rustit, an the maist o’ them wus sent tae the smiddy tae be made inta harra teeth an horse shoon an things.

He hokit aneath the muckle leck on Dalarran, an cam on a vowt biggit wi stane an lime, an there wus the banes o’ a verra big man in’t, wi a verra big sword lyin by his side, an a wudden target wi a spike in the middle o’t, an a’ ornamentit wi airn nails.

The minute they touch’t the target it gaed a’ tae stour, but the sword an the helmet wus in gude order, an Proodfit took them hame. The sword lay aboot the hoose for lang, an it wus thocht he took it abroad wi him.

Whun the laird cam there tae leeve he gat word o’t, an wus in a great wey tae get haud o’t, an sent tae America an adverteeze’t for’t, an offer’t a big price for’t, but there wus never ony word o’ aither Proodfit or it.



Partial Glossar

Definitions frae DSL (links are tae the relevant entries).

  • Leck ‘A flat stone or slab.’ [LECK]
  • Target ‘As in Eng., a light round shield with a spike in the boss, a buckler. The word survived in use in Scot. in the 18th c. as applied to the shield used by Highlanders.’ [TARGET]