Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), pp. 254-255

NEXT day he cam wi a spade, an hokit a dutch a’ roon by whaur it wusna brunt, an every year he cam on the same day an clean’t it oot, an whun he dee’t his son did it.

Whun the doctor wus a boy, Captain Newall, the laird o’ Waterside, use’t tae clean’t oot wi his ain hans, an than his brither Charlie did it, an they ey took a lot o’ claret up tae the score, an everybuddy yt cam had tae drink tae the memory o’ Adam Forrester, an confusion tae the wutches, the warlocks, an the devil.

Adam Wallace, the plaisterer in the clachan, yt’s mairry’t on the last o’ the Forresters, cleans’t oot noo, an haes dune’t for mony a year.*

If ye tak a beast o’ aboot sixteen hans an set it in the score, an tak it by the bridle wi yae han, an a stick aboot three fit an a half lang in the ither, an draw a score frae the heels o‘ the horse on the yae side, roon tae its heels on the ither, an if ye’r aboot five fit ten in heicht, the score ‘ll be joost the same as the inner edge o’ the dutch.

Adam Forrester’s granfaither wus yin o’ the fechtin Covenanters, an focht again General Da’yell at the Pentlans, an his great-great-granfaither wus a captain in the Scoth airmy at Flodden, an yin o’ the verra few Gallawa men yt cam back again.

Whun the doctor’s mither wus a wee lass at the skule, she saw Knocksheen’s mere mony a time, an yince had a ride on’t, joost for the name o’ the thing. Lots o’ weans had rides on’t, joost tae be able tae say sae whun they wur grown up.

It wus a laich-set grey mare an wantit the tail, an on the naur hip there wus the sted o’ a han, no unlike a man’s but far bigger, an it wus joost like the brand o’ a het airn on a bullock, an there wus a deeper pairt nor the rest at the ens o’ the fingers, as if the nails had been sunk deep intae’t. She dee’t in 1840 at the age o’ 84, sae that wud gie 1765 as the time she got the ride.

It wus ey the Halloween day the clean’t the score, sae that likely wud be aboot the time o’ the adventure; but ye’ll fin the haill history o’t in “Lowran Castle.”

*Adam Wallace is deid noo too, an Glendarroch haes clean’t it oot sin than; but noo he’s deid too, an Garroch’s cleanin’t oot. – 1901




Lowran Castle, or the Wild Boar of Curridoo: with other tales, illustrative of the superstitions, manners, and customs of Galloway by Robert Trotter ‘Student of Medicine’ wus published in 1822. The tale is telt in Forester the Dauntless. [Lowran Castle at Google Books]

Partial Glossar

Definitions frae DSL (links are tae the relevant entries).

  • Clachan ‘A hamlet, village, gen. containing a church.’ [CLACHAN]
  • Again ‘Against.’ [AGAIN]
  • Laich ‘Low’ [LAICH]
  • Sted ‘A mark or imprint of the pressure of one object on another, an impression, track.’ [STEID]
  • Airn ‘Iron.’ [AIRN]