Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), p. 250

BY a’ accounts o’ him, he wus a queer kin’ o’ man that Burns, onywey.

He wusna an ill-hertit man, an wus sweer tae get onybyddt fine’t, especially if it wus a widda woman. They said he ey contrive’t tae let them hae a frienly hint, in time tae let them tak care o’ theirsels.

He dina tak ower gude care o’ hissel, A’m thinkin, an maybe wus his ain warst frien: never fu a’thegither but joost as seldom sober.  Ye see he gat in wi the gentry, an they made o’ him, an faltter’t his vanity, an he likit it, an he try’t tae do the wey they did, tae try an pass for a gentry too, an that wus the ruin o’ him.

The doctor’s mither an Burns’s wife wus verra intimate, an the doctor’s faither an Mr Burns wus weel aquantit too. It wus him yt tell’t Burns the story he made Tam o’ Shanter oot o’t, an he made a verra gude han o’t.



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  • Sweer ‘Of persons: unwilling, reluctant, loath.’ [SWEIR]