Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), pp. 386-387

CLAVERSE an Lag wusna the only hunters thereawa.

There wus plenty o’ chasing there lang afore the time o’ the Covernaters.

There wus yince yt King Robert the Bruce an twa-three men made a bauld attemp tae surprise an tak Kenmur Castle, a favourite residence o’ John Baliol’s aboot that time, but there wus ower mony men in’t, an it wus ower weel gaurdit, an they didna manage’t.

The English cam oot efter them like a byke o’ wasps, an Bruce an his friens skail’t, yin rinnin yae wey an yin rinnin another, Bruce takin up the water by The Roddins an The Fintlach, an the The Cairnford an Waterside. It wus the wunter time, an it wus a verra sair wunter, an a lot o’ snaw on the grun, an the frost had made it verra hard on the tap.

Whun he wun tae the Fairy Knowe o’ Barskyoch he wus at the edge o’ the Forest o’ Buchan, an it wus maistly aul’ aiks an Scotch firs, an gey an flat on the tap.

There wus nae paddit track bye Barskeoch, an he ken’t they could easily track him in the clean snaw, sae he speel’t up inta a verra thick close aul’ Scotch fir, ettlin tae bide there till they wud gae bye an miss him. Hooever whun he gat heich up in the tree, he fun a hole up through the snaw whaur there wus nae sma brenches or leafs, an the edges o’ the snaw wus that hard an strang yt he hoise’t hisssel up through the hole, an up on the snaw abune. It wus quite strong aneuch tae bear him, an wi a wee care an trouble he wus able tae mak his wey ower the tree taps maist as weel as if he had been on the grun.

The English an their bluidhoun cam tae the tree-fit, an yin o’ them gaed up intae the tree lookin for him, but he never thocht o’ lookin on the tap, an joost cam doon again and gaed back tae The Kenmur. Bruce gaed on till he wun tae the Castle o’ Dundeugh, an stey’t wi the McNaichts till his men wus gether’t up again, an than gaed north intae Ayrshire.



Partial Glossar

Definitions frae DSL (links are tae the relevant entries).

  • Thereawa ‘Of place: away to or in that district, over there, in that general direction.’ [THERE]
  • Byke ‘A nest or hive of bees, wasps, or ants.’ [BYKE]
  • Skail ‘To scatter.’ [SKAIL]
  • Wun ‘= Eng. get: (1) to make or find one’s way, to proceed, pass on, to succeed in arriving at some destination, freq. with the notion of surmounting obstacles on the way.’ [WIN]
  • Gey an ‘Pretty; very.’ [GEY]
  • Speel ‘To climb, clamber up, to shin, swarm up, mount, ascend.’ [SPEEL]
  • Ettle ‘To intend, purpose, plan (to do) a thing.’ [ETTLE]
  • Hoise ‘To raise, lift up, to heave up.’ [HOISE]
  • Abune ‘Above.’ [ABUNE]