Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), p. 258

WHUN A’m on aboot traditions onywey, A may as weel tell ye some mae o’ them, for the country’s fu o’ them.

There wus yin aboot hoo Maybole an Dalmellington gat their names, A may as weel tell ye; for although naither o’ the bits is in Gallawa noo, they wur yince in’t.

There’s a verra strong aul’ castle they ca’ Balloch Castle, on an islan’ in Loch Doon. It’s said tae be yin o’ whut they ca’ Royal Palaces, an yt the Earl o’ Cassilis is the hereditary keeper o’t. A suppose he’ll get a salary for’t; if he diss, it’s aboot time it wus taen frae him an gien tae somebuddy else yt wud look efter’t, for he disna; an if A’m ony joodge, he never did. There’s a great bit o’t unnermine’t o’ late years by the water o’ the loch, an unless somebuddy dis something tae hinner’t, it’ll sune be doon. It may be honest for an earl tae tak a salary for doin less nor naething, an forgettin tae do’t, forbye neglectin his duty; but if it wus a puir man, A ken whut they wud ca’t. Hooever, that’s no whut A wus gaun ‘a’ tell ye aboot.