Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), p. 385

FORBYE, there wus anither time the Bluidy Calverse wus efter him, an he took doon the Carsephairn wey, ettlin tae tak shelter on the islan in Lochinvar, or if he couldna wun on there, in the fairy hooses at the Millmark, naur Gordieston.

Hooever, or he wun tae Mardrochet, – it’s turn’t genteel noo, an the genteel name’s Muirdrockwood, – the dragoons wus at his heels, an the folk didna ken whaur tae stap him, for a’ the hoose an steddin wus sure tae be rypit for him, an sae he crawl’t in amang some gey rank grozet an russel busses in ye yaird, thinkin maybe they wudna seek for him there.

Hooever, the haill place wus rypit tae nae effeck, an Calverse an his men gar’t the folk feast them for a punishment for harbourin rebels, an threaten’t them awfu; an whun they wur dune eatin, twa o’ the dragoons gaed inta the yaird tae get a wheen berries.

Hoowever, it gat kin o’ misty, an the busses wus a’ cover’t wi wabsers’ wabs, an they wus a’ glitterin wi draps oot o’ the mist, till the haillwor lookit white yt naebuddy could see through’t; an whun they gaed tae pu the berries they wur a’ ower wi hairy oobits, till they wus fair scunner’t wi them, an gaed awa cursin, never jaloosin yt the man they wur sae keen tae get a haud o’ tae murder him wus lyin within twa-three inches o’ their feet.

An sae Claverse wus disappointit as weel as Lag.



Partial Glossar

Definitions frae DSL (links are tae the relevant entries).

  • Forbye ‘Besides, in addition, as well, what is more.’ [FORBY]
  • Ettle ‘To intend, purpose, plan (to do) a thing.’ [ETTLE]
  • Wun ‘= Eng. get: (1) to make or find one’s way, to proceed, pass on, to succeed in arriving at some destination, freq. with the notion of surmounting obstacles on the way.’ [WIN]
  • Or ‘Before.’ [OR]
  • Stap [A cannae see a usage o STAP in the DSL at matches this exackly. The sense is clear aneuch frae the text though.]
  • Rype ‘To search thoroughly, examine, esp. for stolen property; to hunt (through), grope, rummage.’ [RIPE]
  • Gey ‘Very; rather, pretty.’ [GEY]
  • Grozet ‘Gooseberry.’ [GROSET]
  • Russel ‘Red currant.’ [RIZZAR]
  • Gar ‘To make, cause; to force, compel, esp. to make (a person) do (something).’ [GAR]
  • Wheen ‘A few, a small number, several.’ [WHEEN]
  • Wabster ‘A weaver; a spider.’ [WABSTER]
  • Hailwor ‘The whole of something, esp. of a company or of a number of things.’ [HAILWARE]
  • Oobit ‘A caterpillar.’ [OOBIT]
  • Jaloose ‘To suspect, be suspicious of, to have doubts or suspicions about, guess, surmise.’ [JALOUSE]