Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), p. 62

YINCE there wus a stanedyker aboot Clachanpluck — it’s turn’t genteel, an’ they ca’t Laurieston noo — only they dinna say Lowryston — that’s ower Scotch — they say Larry’stown; that’s suppose’t tae be English ye ken; an’ they ca’t him Jock M’Morro. Weel, he had a brither dee’t in America an’ left him a fortin, an’ as sune as it wus kent everybuddy wus rinnin after him an’ shakin han’s wi him, an’ askin him tae their hooses, an’ booin’ an’ scrapin till him. Jock wus a sensible kin’ o’ man, an’ ken’t whut it a’ wus worth, an’ whun the minister cam up tae him an’ liftit his hat tae him an’ hel’ oot his han’ wi “How do you do to-day, Mister Murray?” Jock drew himsel up an replie’t, “Aye! It’s come awa Mister Siller, an’ be gaun wi yersel, Jock M’Morro,” an left the minster stannin like a fule. Ye see Jock wusna genteel.