Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), p. 384

HE wus gettin awesome hungry by this time, an didna ken whaur or whun he wud get ocht tae eat, whun he notice’t a moose scartin aneath yin o’ the stanes. Efter a wee it cam oot an harl’t oot a piece o’ goold money, an brocht it tae Steenson’s fit, an gaed back else an brung anither, an syne a third yin.

Steenson thocht it wus some device o’ the deil tae temp him, an he pray’t an better pray’t for The Lord tae tak awa this temptation; an beggit him, if the mice wus instruments o’ his wull, yt they micht fetch him some meat, for he wus famishin.

Whun he open’t his een efter his prayer the goold wus gane, an there wus three mice thrang harlin some fine kin o’ meal oot frae aneath the muckle stane. He tastit it an fun it wus gude eatin, an than he gied thanks, an creepit doon tae the bit straun at the fit o’ the craig, an fill’t the heel o’ his shoe wi water an mix’t the meal in’t, an made hissel brose, an suppit an wus refresh’t. He bade three days, an on the fourt the mice brung nae meal, an he took that for a hint tae be oot o’ that, sae he return’t thanks for his great deliverance an a’ his ither mercies, an up the water tae McMillan’s o’ The Lamloch, an they set him ower Loch Doon in a boat, an he wun safely hame; an wusna Aul’ Lag a disappointit man.



Partial Glossar

Definitions frae DSL (links are tae the relevant entries).

  • Ocht ‘Anything.’ [OCHT]
  • Scart ‘To scratch, scrape with the nails, claws, or some sharp object.’ [SCART]
  • Harl ‘To drag, pull, trail behind, haul.’ [HARL]
  • Meat ‘Food in general, sustenance for men or animals; solid food as opposed to drink.’ [MEAT]
  • Thrang ‘Of persons (or animals): fully employed in any task or affair, actively and pressingly occupied in work, busy.’ [THRANG]
  • Straun ‘1. A little stream or run of water, a rivulet. 2 An artificial water-channel or gutter, a street gutter.’ [STRAND]
  • Brose ‘A dish made by mixing boiling water or milk with oatmeal or peasemeal, and adding salt and butter.’ [BROSE]
  • Bide ‘To wait, stay, remain.’ [BIDE]
  • Wun ‘To reach (a place), gain, arrive at.’ [WIN]