Frae: R. De Bruce Trotter, Galloway Gossip (1901), pp. 239-240

IT wus in 1802 yt Dalarran Holm wus brokken up, an a when year efter, maybe aboot the time o’ Waterloo, there wus a man they ca’t M’Dill, yt leeve’t at the Dooncraft o’ Kells, an he wus hokin for stanes for dykes aboot Knocktintal, no far aff Dalarran, an he turn’t up a big flag wi his gellock, an there wus a hole ablow’t, an a stane shapit like a bowl wus in’t, an it wus fu o’ goold coins.

He took them hame an gradually sell’t them, an turn’t verra wealthy, an gaed aboot dress’t like a gentleman an never did onyting. He never wud own tae finnin the pot o’ goold, but he never deny’t it.

Yae time yt he sent a pair o’ his knee-breeks tae New Gallawa tae be sortit, the teylor fan twa o’ the goold coins in yin o’ the pooches, an keepit them, sae folk jaloose’t it wus a’ true aboot his finnin’t.

The teylor sell’t yin o’ them in Dumfries for three guineas, an the ither he wore at his watch cheen.

The stane pot wus a’ market wi gilt ‘e inside, an it wus biggit inta the dyke at the roadside, aboot a hunner yairds frae the Garpel brig, wi the mooth o’t next the road; but it’s no there noo, for A gat yin o’ my sons tae look for’t. Maybe Mr Train sent it tae Abbotsford, wha kens.

There wus some kin o’ a Moat or Fort or something on the tap o’ Knocktintal, but there’s nane there noo. The grevel it wus made o’ wus gude for the roads.



Partial Glossar

Definitions frae DSL (links are tae the relevant entries).

  • Wheen ‘A few, a small number, several.’ [WHEEN]
  • Flag ‘A piece of turf cut or pared from the sward, a sod.’ However, it micht mean ‘flag-stone’ here. [FLAG]
  • Gellock ‘An iron crowbar or pinch bar.’ [GELLOCK]
  • Jaloose ‘To suspect, be suspicious of, to have doubts or suspicions about, guess, surmise.’ [JALOUSE]
  • Big(g) ‘To build, construct (in gen.).’ [BIG(G)]