New Abbey Pow

New Abbey, KCB, NX988656

  • Pow b. 1654 The Stuartrie of Kircubright, the most easterlie part of Galloway / auct. Tim. Pont.  – Joan Blaeu [EMW.X.015 (formerly WD.3B)]
  • Abbey Burn 1759 Farm of Glen belonging to Charles Stewart of Shambelly Esq – John Tait [MP95]
  • Abbey Burn ?1759 John Tait Plan of the farms of Shambelly, Townhead, Wanfoord, Clachrumheads and Barlay, belonging to Charles Stewart, Esqr [Map/F/01]
  • Abbey Pow 1782 William McCartney A plan of lands of Airds of Kirkconnell surveyed and drawn with express reference to cause depending between William Copland of Colliston and James Maxwell of Kirkconnell [RHP92609]
  • Abbey Pow 1791 James Wells A plan of the farm of Airds [RHP92608]
  • New Abbey Pow 1797 Stewartry of Kirkcudbright / by John Ainslie [Newman.645]
  • Newabbey Pow c.1800 John Gillone Plan of the road from Ingleston Ford to Isle Steps Bridge [RHP92636]
  • New Abby Pow 1814 John Lewars [A Plan of] Airds [with table of contents: July] 1814, with later annotations [RHP92624]
  • Newabbey Pow 1820 SHAMBELLIE ESTATE (PLAN No 18): Plan of Carse Farm [Map/BL/03]
  • N. Abbey Pow 1821 John THOMSON – Kirkcudbright-Shire [Bottom section] [EMS.s.712(7)]
  • NEW ABBEY POW 1836 George Buchanan No.1 Plan of the Lower Boundaries of the River Nith, with the Channels and Banks thereof at Low Water [GGD749/5/6]
  • New Abbey Pow 1840 Plan of the present and proposed lines of roads from Isle steps Bridge [ through Kirkconnell Policies to Inglestoneford ] [RHP92637]
  • Newabbey Pow 1841 SHAMBELLIE ESTATE (PLAN No 4): Map of Shambellie Estate [Map/BL/07]
  • Newabbey Pow 1842 John Copland SHAMBELLIE ESTATE (PLAN No 3): Plan of Carse Farm [Map/BL/05]
  • Newabbey Pow c.1845 Walter Newall Untitled [Plan or [sic] River Nith from Dumfries to Southerness] [GGD131/F5/4A]
  • New Abbey Pow 1854 [1850] OS 6 inch 1st edn KCB 34

Elements: en New Abbey; S pow; S burn; SSE abbey

This name, like Drummillan Pow, shows some early fluctuation between pow and burn as its final element. The 1654 form Pow b. is a notable combination of the two.

Name Book entry: “A small river being the continuation of Glensone and Kinharvie Burns, retaining this name from the junction of the above two streams and running in an Easterly direction to its influx with the River Nith. It is navigable for vessels of 50 or 60 tons burden up to within one mile of New Abbey.” OS1/20/96/12 This entry is repeated at OS1/20/96/47

This entry is still in draft and has yet to be proofed. There are links to the sources of historical forms of the name, where spellings can be checked.