New Abbey, KCB, NX962662

  • [20 solidatas terrarium de Clauchanland 1597 RMS 6 574]
  • in Clauchen de Newabay 1646 Retours (KCB) 242
  • Houss in clauchin 1682 Land Tax Rolls E106/20/1/13
  • Clauchen [James McNoes houses in; John Smiths poind fold house wt: his houses in; Robert Grays…his houses in] 1753 Land Tax Rolls E106/20/2/27

Element: S clachan ‘a hamlet, village, gen. containing a church’

Scots clachan is a village, usually one where the parish kirk is located. It’s borrowed from Gaelic clachan, which has the same meaning (along with others). I assume that Clauchanland, recorded in 1597, is formed from this name. See also New Abbey.

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