Auchengray Craigs

New Abbey, KCB, NX927674

Elements: en Auchengray; SSE craig ‘a rock, crag’

Auchengray is Gaelic achadh na greigh ‘field of the herd or horse stud’. My family always called the Auchengray Craigs ‘Kitchen Hill’ which I can find no record of. I asked my mum about it and she said that’s what a forester we knew called the place. When I was wee I imagined it’s what the Devil’s kitchen would look like and that’s where the name must have come from. I don’t know how widely the name is known.

Name Book entry: “A number of rocks on Auchengray Hill and situated on that part of it that is void of Plantation.” OS1/20/95/8

This entry is still in draft and has yet to be proofed. There are links to the sources of historical forms of the name, where spellings can be checked.