Auchangray Mosses

New Abbey, KCB, NX922672 [grid reference is for Auchengray farm]

  • Auchangray Mosses 1841 SHAMBELLIE ESTATE (PLAN No 4): Map of Shambellie Estate [Map/BL/07]

Elements: en Auchengray; SSE moss ‘a marsh, bog, a tract of soft wet ground; a bog from which peats are dug, a moorland on an estate which is allocated to the tenants for cutting fuel’

This name only appears on a Shambellie Estate plan, in a list of mosses. The other mosses listed are Gall Moss, Craig Moss, Sandyford Moss and Barley Mosses.

This entry is still in draft and has yet to be proofed. There are links to the sources of historical forms of the name, where spellings can be checked.