Ashy Glen

New Abbey, KCB, NX944626

  • Ashygill 1772 Sketch plan of disputed land of Red Muir Wells adjoining Kinharvie [5/10/1772]
  • Ashie Gill 1793 Plan of the Lands of Kinharvie lying in the parish of Newabbey and County of Galloway belonging to Robert Riddel – Joseph Udney [Acc 7932/03]
  • Ashy Glen 1797 Stewartry of Kirkcudbright / by John Ainslie [Newman.645]
  • Ashy Glen 1821 John THOMSON – Kirkcudbright-Shire [Bottom section] [EMS.s.712(7)]
  • Ashy Glen 1854 [1850-51] OS 6 inch 1st edn KCB 41

Elements: SSE ashy; SSE gill ‘ narrow valley with steep, rocky sides; a ravine, gully’; SSE glen

Glens needn’t be large landscape features. As the DSL entry notes, the glens of small streams can be dells, ravines or dens.

The grid reference is for the mouth of the gill/glen.

Name Book entry: “A small ravine about 20 chains in length, it is in the farm of Kinharvie and situated near the rise of Glen Burn.” OS1/20/118/7

This entry is still in draft and has yet to be proofed. There are links to the sources of historical forms of the name, where spellings can be checked.