New Abbey, KCB

  • Arbar 1585 RPS 1585/12/38 (Ane act in favoure of Johnne, erll of Mortoun, his freindis and servandis)
  • tenementum lie Arber cum ejus pomario 1595 RMS 6 383
  • latere lie Grene dicti monasterii in conspectu dicti Arber 1595 RMS 6 383

Element: S arber ‘a garden or orchard; an arbour’

The DSL entry for arber only has two citations for this word, one of which comes from line 17 of William Dunbar’s The Tretis of the Twa Mariit Wemen and the Wedo:

“I saw thre gay ladeis sit in ane grein arbeir,
All grathit in to garlandis of fresche gudlie flouris.”

The arber and its orchard (cum ejus pomario) were located somewhere near the Abbey.

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