New Abbey, KCB, NX944663 [grid reference is for Allan’s Wood]

Element: pn Allan; ?G ail ‘rock, cliff, stone’; ?G àilean ‘a plain, meadow, green’; ?Br al- ‘a river-name element’

This name becomes Allan’s Wood on the first edition of the OS. It presumably represents the family name Allan; a similar New Abbey place-name is Campbells. However, as Scots speakers had a habit of adding -s to Gaelic names fairly indiscriminately, it’s worth considering that this could be a reanalysis of an earlier name. In order of probability, Gaelic àilean and ail and Brittonic al-, which appears in stream names as Allan (from *al-awe-nt-), might be lurking in the background (see BLITON). See also Carsegowan.

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