Abbot’s Tower

New Abbey, KCB, NX972666

Elements: SSE abbot; SSE tower

According to its Wikipedia entry, “The building was restored in the early 1990s and is now used as a private residence and as a bed and breakfast.” It has it’s own website:

Name Book entry: “The ruins of an ancient square tower situated about 3 chains East of Landis farm house, it had been once the residence of an Abbot belonging to New Abbey, hence the name Abbot’s Tower. The following notice is taken of it in the Stat. Acct. of County published 1845. “Distant about half a mile from the Abbey, on the farm of Landis, stands the ruins of a square building called the Abbot’s tower, which, as well as the Abbey, is partly mantled over with ivy, and the residence of owls, jackdaws, and swifts during their short visit to these northern regions.”” OS1/20/96/25

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