30 Day Map Challenge 2021

This was my second #30DayMapChallenge (link to 2020’s maps & 2022’s). I started this November planning to only do a few maps; then I decided I’d do them all, but limit myself to 30 minutes a day…then an hour; then I decided I could get to my other things in December. Here’s all 30.

The title of each day links to where I posted the map on Twitter. The tweets have more information about the maps.

Day 1. Points

I also looked at knowes in the #30DayChartChallenge in Distribution of Scots hill-name elements in Dumfries and Galloway by height.

Day 2. Lines

This is made from all 259,217 Dumfries and Galloway entries on the 2nd edition, six inch Ordnance Survey joined horizontally and then vertically. I did a similar thing here: Burnside: The most common place-name in Scotland.

Day 3. Polygons

The first transport map of the challenge. I only realised after posting that I’d cut parts of the Machars and Kirkcudbrightshire off. Those places are more than 60 km from a train station – I hadn’t thought to factor that distance into the map.

Day 4. Hexagons

From Maxwell’s entry for Honey Pig, Old Luce in his The Place Names of Galloway (1930): “This should be written and pronounced L. Sc. Hinnie Pig, a jar of honey. It is a modern name, dating from a former bee-keeper’s establishment.”

Day 5. Data challenge 1: OpenStreetMap

The grey for Other looked clearer when I was making this. It’s pretty hard to see on my phone. The elements are listed by frequency, based on the entries in Open Street Map. However, as sections of road get their own entry, ‘road’ itself is unlikely to actually top the list in terms of frequency.

Day 6. Red

Post Office Knowe is the only Scottish place-name with ‘Post Office’ as its specifying element. I previously tweeted about the name here. There are plenty of post offices still to be added to Open Street Map. I’ve added a few recently, so this map would look different if made today.

Day 7. Green

A Delaunay triangulation of GREEN in Scottish place-names, 1817 in total. here is a version with a background map of Scotland: Green over background map.

Day 8. Blue

These poles are based on distance as the corbie flies. It would be interesting to see what they would look like if height was taken into account, but I don’t know how to do that yet.

Day 9. Monochrome

BLACK outnumbers WHITE 459 to 395. I posted a map of Scots and English colours in D&G place-names here and a chart of those colours for the #30DayChartChallenge, here.

Day 10. Raster

Day 11. 3D

A hand-drawn map over elevation data from the Ordnance Survey. Hand-drawn map here.

Day 12. Population

Made with Aerialod using the Kontur population dataset. I made a couple of other maps with this dataset here.

Day 13. Data challenge 2: Natural Earth

Day 14. Map with a new tool

I’d wanted to make a joy plot/ridgeline plot since seeing them in last year’s challenge. Thankfully, Helen McKenzie (@helenmakesmaps) posted this tutorial a few days before Day 14’s challenge.

Day 15. Map made without using a computer

My most popular tweet ever.

Day 16. Urban/rural

My notes on the field-names of Killymingan, Kirkgunzeon are here.

Day 17. Land

Day 18. Water

1140 names in total.

Day 19. Island(s)

Day 20. Movement

Day 21. Elevation

Day 22. Boundaries

Day 23. Data challenge 3: GHSL

Day 24. Historical map

Gars ye greet.

Day 25. Interactive map

The subject of this map was decided by a Twitter poll. I wanted to make one about Deil/Devil place-names but foolishly put ‘cat place-names’ in as an option, forgetting momentarily that the internet likes cats. I wrote a note about the name Cat Stran(d) here.

Day 26. Choropleth map

Ansgar Wolsing (@_ansgar) took this idea and applied it to the names of Cologne’s districts, which was a highlight of the challenge.

Day 27. Heatmap

Day 28. The Earth is not flat

After posting this map, I was told about some Dumfries names in Canada. I might get round to remaking it.

Day 29. NULL

The OS records no names in grid square NX8656. However, the information supplied by Alistair Clark has added 10 names to this grid square and there’s still space for more to be uncovered by future field-names surveys.

Day 30. Metamapping day

I made a 10, 20 and 30 minute version of this map here.

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