30 Day Chart Challenge 2021

Here are the charts I made for the #30DayChartChallenge organised by Cédric Scherer and Dominic Royé on Twitter. Like the 30 Day Map Challenge 2020, I found out about it the night before it started. I managed two weeks of daily chart-making before bowing out.

It was a fun and interesting exercise to experiment with different types of data visualisation. (However, I think my main take-away is that maps are the best thing for looking place-names, and when a map won’t do bar charts are just fine!)

The title of each day’s category and topic links to my original tweet where there’s more information about the chart.

Day 1 | Comparisons | Part-to-Whole

Language of origin in the place-names of the Galloway Glens and Berwickshire

Day 2 | Comparisons | Pictogram

Dumfries and Galloway place-names ending in head and foot

Day 3 | Comparisons | Historical

Languages in the place-names of the Rhinns of Galloway, 1654

Day 4 | Comparisons | Magical

Witch and Warlock in Scottish Place-Names

Day 5 | Comparisons | Slope

Banks and Braes in Scottish Place-Names

Day 6 | Comparisons | Experimental

Density of place-names and other text on Ordnance Survey six-inch to the mile maps of Dumfries and Galloway (2nd edition 1885-1900)

Day 7 | Distributions | Physical

Distribution of Scots hill-name elements in Dumfries and Galloway by height

Day 8 | Distributions | Animals

Scots animals in Dumfries and Galloway place-names

Day 9 | Distributions | Statistics

Density of place-names in Dumfries & Galloway parishes

Day 10 | Distributions | Abstract

Street and Strand in Dumfries and Galloway Place-Names

Day 11 | Distributions | Circular

Stone Circles in Dumfries and Galloway

Day 12 | Distributions | Strips

Scottish Standard English colours in Dumfries and Galloway place-names

Day 13 | Relationships | Correlation

Population and Place-Names in Galloway Parishes

Day 14 | Relationships | Space

Density of X o[f] [the] Y place-names in Dumfries and Galloway parishes

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